Booksource Brand Platform

In 2015, we decided that the Booksource mission and vision did very little to address our purpose. After a lot of interviews and discussion with reps, literacy advocates, customers and employees, we agreed on a new vision, mission and tagline. This new rallying cry impacted every aspect of the brand. We developed our personality, tone of voice, position statement and elevator pitch. We updated our brand colors and fonts and developed a system for using gradients, overlays, patterns, icons and photography. Ultimately, we were able to develop customer personas for our constituents ranging from purchasers to influencers. Some of the challenges when developing the platform involved working with a new Marketing Director, the VP of Sales and VP of Products in the organization, wrangling expertise and soliciting buy-in across the organization. We continue to amend the platform as new realizations are uncovered. We will roll out another version in 2018 to include UX/UI parameters​.

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