2016 Booksource STEM Collections Catalog

The focus of this catalog is on the STEM or STEAM product offering available from Booksource. This is the second in a series of smaller format catalogs driven by our vision of a future of classrooms throughout the world filled with engaged readers. A ton of collaboration went into this piece as we addressed a new audience. STEM is typically perceived as fun, colorful and playful. Unlike the Reading and Writing Workshop catalog which relied heavily on being inside the RWW experience, this piece features a lot more infographics, illustration and big blocks of color. 40-pages + cover; finishes to 6.25" x 10.75"; 4CP + OA aqueous on cover; 2-sided w/ bleed; 10% PCW and FSC; cover is 80# Finch Opaque Smooth Cover; text is 60# Finch Opaque Smooth Book; trim, gather, saddle stitch, pack in cartons.

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